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Bass guitar
Cliff Burton

Cliff Burton

Cliff burton was MetallicA's second bassist, he joined MetallicA after Ron McGovney. Lars Ullrich and James Hetfield met Cliff Burton in a place called "The Whiskey". They heard some kind of guitar solo going on, but they coulden't find the guitar player. It was Cliff Burton with his bass guitar. Lars and James coulden't believe that that was bass.

Well Cliff Burton joined MetallicA. Cliff's first show with MetallicA was "1983-03-05 The Stone, San Francisco, California".

Cliff made 3 albums with MetallicA: Kill 'em all, Ride the lightning and Master of puppets (allthought Kill 'em all songs were made with Ron McGovney).

On the night of 27 september 1986, the unthinkable happened. MetallicA's tour bus crashed during their tour in Sweden, killing their 24 year old bassist, Cliff Burton. Cliff's last show with MetallicA was "1986-09-26 Solnahallen, Stockholm, Sweden".

On the next album, MetallicA made a tribute to Cliff burton song, "To live is to die" with Cliff's words:

When a man lies
He murders some part of the world
These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives
All this I cannot bear to witness any longer
Cannot the kingdom of salvation take me home?

MetallicA also released a home video with the name "Cliff 'em all". This contains interviews, live video's with cliff, ... This video is also released as DVD.

Cliff Burton will allways be remembered.

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